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TAKE CARE ZORA, Narrative Short Film, 2022

Zora, a Floridian teenager who yearns to rebel against her responsibilities, must act as the caretaker to her brother with Down syndrome.

Starring: Rocky Perez, Abraham Perez, Samuel-Taylor Augustin, Jenn Rosado, Brianna Barrett, Jeffry Pavon, Jonas Robles, Julio Perez

Written and Directed by: Amy B. Tiong & Antonio Salume

Director of Photography: Briana Man

Executive Producers: Maria B. Fernandez & Carlos López Estrada

Producers: Antonio Salume, Amy B. Tiong, Oscar Palomar, Jacob Garcia

Creative Producer: Rocky Perez
Sound Designer, Original Music Mixer, & Foley Artist: Andy Bauer
Original Music: Chris Corsico
Director of Locations: Glinys Benson
Art Director: Natacha Casafus

Instagram: @takecarezora

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