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SOMEWHERE IN LOVE, Short Film, In Post-Production

The film is set in the 1970s that tells the story of Annie, a  seventeen-year-old minority waitress working at a diner. As we witness her interact with the customers during her late-night shift we explore the fine lines between harassment and flirtation. This night all of the boys Annie waits on just happen to be men that she’s been involved with. Some of these men include her first love, an inappropriate teacher, and the jock she’s had a life-long crush on. Ultimately Annie will meet the so-called love of her life but nothing is ever as it seems.

Director & Writer: Amy B. Tiong

Co-Producers: Lucy Smith-Williams, Sam Goldstein, Yishen Zhou, and Moojig Battsogt Chimid

Director of Photography: Briana Man

Starring: Anthony OConnell and Jessica Perez

Assistant Director: Antonio Salume

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