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AT THE EDGE OF THE VOLCANO, Narrative Short Film, 2024, Coming Soon

Two middle-aged couples travel together to a remote island as one of them is trying to fix their marriage. As bad news arrive from inland, the world around them begins to collapse and their relationships will soon follow suit.

Director: Jorge Granados Ross
Writers: Melik Kuru and Jorge Granados Ross

Executive Producers: Jorge Granados Ross & Jorge Pardo Romero

Producers: Mariana Saffon, Jorge Granados Ross, Antonio Salume & Oscar Palomar

Cinematographer: Fernando Hernandez

Production Design: Flor Hart

Starring: Jacobo Lieberman, Diana Sedano, Paulette Hernández, Cristian Magaloni

Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 6.07.39 p.m..png
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